A Night Out at Pedro's, and a Trip to Centre Parcs, Norwich and Elvedon - 5th October 1991

Badminton chum Theresa, who works at Centre Parcs near Elvendon in Thetford Forest, scores some kind of "guest pass" for the Badders massive, so we all head over to spend the day doing vaguely sporty things. Before that though, there's a night out at the legendary Pedro's in Chapelfield Park in Norwich with Geoff, Brenda and fellow tennants Monique and Keith (both former colleagues of BPCC Anglia Web/Printec in Diss).

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Corky, Monique and Geoff in Pedro's

Linda, Corky and Monique

Geoff, Corky and Monique

Monique scopes out the menu intently

Monique and Keith

Monique and Keith again

Keith's having problems with his sombrero

Corky looks to be struggling a bit


Corky looks satisfied to have finished

Linda looks taken aback by the sparkler

Monique giggles at her sparkling pudding

Crispy rolls up for a bit of bowling action

Crispy's David sets up an arrow

Steve-o lets an arrow off

The only photo in existance of Nosher playing squash (with Theresa)

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Corky, Monique and Geoff in Pedro's