Chinatown and Racing Hovercraft, London and Suffolk - 12th June 1991

Nosher goes down to London for a bit to meet up with Plymouth Polytechnic chums Riki and "Trotsky" Dave. After hanging out a bit near Soho, we wander around the corner to Chinatown, for a nosh-up at Wong Kei - the sort of hectic Chinese restaurant where you get shouted at and stuck on a big round table with loads of random people. Then, back in Suffolk, there's a bit of a curiosity as Oakley Park hosts a spot of hovercraft racing.

next album: A Trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon and Other Randomness, Warwickshire, Suffolk and Norfolk - 28th June 1991
previous album: A Party in Clacton and the Stuston Polling Caravan, Suffolk and Essex - 4th May 1991

Pete Smith the busker does his thing in Covent Garden

Riki sits in a park

Dave lounges about

Riki and Dave do the tourist thing at the gates to Chinatown

Riki and Dave stand around outside Wong Kei restaurant

Riki sits on the fountains in Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square

South Africa House

Night-time fountains

Squirting fountains

Bright neon in Picadilly Circus

Dave and Riki have a beer

Racing hovercraft

A bunch of hovercraft head down a flooded field

A hovercraft flies by

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Pete Smith the busker does his thing in Covent Garden