BPCC Printec Reunion at The Brome Swan, Suffolk - 20th February 1991

For several years after Nosher moved on from BPPC Printec (also known as BPCC Anglia Web), Crispy would arrange a reunion. This is possiboly the first such event, held at the Brome Swan

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Crispy, Pam and Kelly huddle around and write secret stuff

Steve-O, with Kelly and Alison on his knee

The group sings Auld Lang Syne

Beryl, Steve-O, 'Big' Sue and Wendy

Alison and Wendy share a laugh. Adrian Tallack looks on

Brenda, Monique, Darren and Graham

Big Al behind the bar

Jackie, Pam and Beryl

Kelly pretends to kiss Paul the builder

Tony 'T-Shirt' Guy and Apple John with Gemma the crisp-eating Dalmatian

Steve-O and Alan Bodell

Alan and Sylvie (with rubber gloves)

John Chapman (right) wins a bottle of Glenfiddich

The Printec massive

Printec group photo

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