More Snow and a Pancake Day, Stuston and Norwich - 18th February 1991

There's more snow in Stuston, so Nosher heads up the railway line to see what it's like in Norwich. Then, back in Stuston, it's pancake day with Geoff and Brenda, as well as fellow tenants Janet and David

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A kind of snowy Christmas tree

Nosher's driveway

The Stables

David Hoffman's car is under there somewhere

A deserted Diss Railway Station

The statue of Horatio Nelson in the Cathedral Close, Norwich

The spire of Norwich Cathedral

Norwich Cathedral

A weak sun sets over Old Man Cunningham's house

One the way to work in Colchester, via a back road (as the A12 is hosed), we bump in to colleague Frank Conway

Janet introduces the pancake implements

Brenda takes a photo

Janet flips her pancake

Janet's had a bit of a failure

David gets his flip on

David preps a pancake

Nosher gives Shelly a scratch

Nosher in the kitchen

David and Janet

Geoff, Nosher and Janet around the kitchen table

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A kind of snowy Christmas tree