Stuston Sewerage and Kate's Printec Birthday, Norfolk and Suffolk - 2nd August 1990

Exciting things are afoot in Stuston: Nosher's house has so far been connected only to a septic tank, but the day arrives when Geoff and Bernie the Bolt dig up a trench and lay a sewer pipe to connect the house to the mains sewerage system. There's even a bit of a celebration afterwards, with Geoff and Brenda and Jan from next door. Later, it's Kate from Printec's birthday up at the Scole Inn, and Nosher's off to Carlisle Web Offset Ltd with Keith Clarke and Mike Perkins. It's a first proper business trip, and to add to the fun it means flying from Norwich Airport.

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Geoff and Bernie lay a pipe

More pipe action

Bernie digs a bit more out

Bernie does a spot of filing

Bernie and Geoff have a bit of a struggle to fit some pipework together

Brenda pours out some cider

Brenda, Jan, Geoff and Bernie, plus Shelly the labrador

Keith Clarke and Mike Perkins stride out to the Air UK Dash-7 at Norwich Airport

Keith and Mike board the plane

Alan Cox gives Kate some flowers

A present is given to Kate

Kate digs somwthing out of a box of shredded paper

Bill Hartley and Kiwi raise a glass

Kate gets a beery hug

Rachel, Wendy Bedford and Kate

Alan and Rachel have a fag

Bindery Dave and Bindery Sue, plus Rod 'Leccy Walesa' Todd

Rod Todd and Kate

One of the handyman dudes (right)

Bill Hartley and Kiwi

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Geoff and Bernie lay a pipe