Sue's Fire Dance, Stuston, Suffolk - 21st July 1990

it's another barbeque around Geoff and Brenda's in Stuston. It's not the usual tiny half-kettle job either, but real "man" barbeque stuff, involving burning trees and what looks like an old iron beadstead as a griddle. Sue also performs one of her legendary "fire dances".

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previous album: Petanque At The Willows, Bransgore, Dorset - 10th July 1990

Sue tells a story

Bernie and Brenda take shelter under a camping chair

A dim rainbow appears

Another session of horseshoe tossing

A game of boules breaks out

Bernie joins in the game of boules

Brenda and Bernie mess around

Brenda directs something

Geoff checks the fire

Brenda seems concerned about the flames so squirts them with a hosepipe

Geoff chucks some sausages on

Geoff pokes the man-sized barbeque with a long stick

Bernie waits with an empty plate

Geoff checks the burgers

Jean, Sue and Bernie have a chat

Sue waves her coat around after a fire dance

Over at Sues, there's anothe 'hoolie'

Geoff, Corky, Linda and Sue chat in the garden

Nosher climbs Sue's tree for some reason

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Sue tells a story