Petanque At The Willows, Bransgore, Dorset - 10th July 1990

There's an evening of petanque at the newly-extended and rebuilt Willows (Mother and Mike's pad), on Burnt House Lane in Bransgore. Sean and Maria are around too. Also, probably the day before or after, Grandmother makes a visit, as do Harold and Suzie.

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The old dining-room is now part of the lounge

The original, extended, lounge

The Willows with its new extension

The dining room

The kitchen

Maria and Sean on the patio

Nosher with shades on

Mike has a sip of wine

The Willows

Mother, Grandmother and Mike in the dining room

Maria and Sean

Mother, Grandmother and Mike

Harold gets ready to chuck a boule

Mike lobs a ball

Maria chucks a boule

Sean's boule passes the front door

Sean, Maria and Mike

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The old dining-room is now part of the lounge