BPCC Anglia Web (Printec) Open Day - 23rd June 1990

Nosher's then-employer Printec (BPCC Anglia Web) holds an open day in the loading yard off Vinces Lane in Diss. The event is opened with a light airfcraft banner flypast, followed by a barbeque, a look round the print works and a sponging of management. There's also a bouncy castle and, because Printec were at the time the printers of the local Diss Express newspaper, Nosher gets to have one of his photos included in the following week's edition.

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A Cessna flies past with a 'BPCC Anglia Web' banner

One of the factory dudes gets face-painted in the paper warehouse

Linda and Jackie bounce around like loons

Jackie, Brenda and Pam leap about

Bob Caley mans the barbeque

Brenda hurls a wet sponge at Brian Williams

Rod 'Leccy Walesa' Todd wins something in the raffle

The crowd watches the skies

Linda gets well stuck in to soaking Brian the manager

Alan Cox scoffs a hot dog

Baz Spragge wins something. Bernard Bagge calls, Jackie makes notes

Jackie goes for a bit of close-up soaking

Nosher's photo that as used by the Diss Express

The Diss Express article featuring Nosher's photo

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A Cessna flies past with a 'BPCC Anglia Web' banner