A Trip To Huelgoat, Brittany, France - 11th June 1990

University chum Angela's parents had bought a small cottage near the town of Huelgoat, in deepest Brittany. So, by way of a short holiday, Nosher and Angela catch the ferry from Plymouth to go and stay for a few days. There's plenty of opportunity to eat cheese and baguettes and drink the local Vin Rouge. We also visit the Forêt D'Artur, and have a go at La Roche Tremblant - a large oblong granite boulder weighing over 100 tonnes which, if pushed in just the right spot, can be made to wobble

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Pamela, Helen and Helensprog in a get-together the day before we head off

On the ferry on the way to France

A local white dog hangs around outside

A view down the lane

Angela has a cup of tea in the kitchen half of the cottage

A pile of rocks in Arthur's Forest

Locals consider the Roche Tremblant from above

A woman has a go at the rock

The locals get stuck in to making the rock rumble

More poking of the Roche Tremblant

Nosher sticks his feet up for a bit

Angela writes postcards

Angela surveys the scene

Angela in a cave

Another cave scene

Rushing water in an underground channel

Angela holds our lemon sorbets in the centre of Concarneau

French town scene

Concarneau street

People mill around a square

A quiet Concarneau side street

Scene by the Porte au Vin restaurant

Stranded boats

Concarneau harbour

More boats at Concarneau

The harbour and walls of Concarneau

Angela looks at boats on a river

Timbered houses in Quimper

The statue of Latour d'Auvergne in Carhaix.

A church somewhere

A view over the sea

Angela's car, with yellow stickers on the headlights

The car outside the cottage

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Pamela, Helen and Helensprog in a get-together the day before we head off