Tapestry With Baz, Suffolk - 14th May 1990

Barry "Baz" Spragge's friend Isobel Clover does all sorts of ecclesiastical tapestry, so one day Baz sets out to photograph Isobel's work in various churches around Suffolk. Nosher tags along too for the ride, and to take some pictures of the pictures, as it were. There's also a chance to climb to the top of Framlingham Church tower for a look. Later, Nosher is out with Geoff and Brenda at Blakeney, for a bit of a walk around

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Isobel and Baz set up a tapestry for a photo session

Detail of Isobel Clover's work

Impressive altar decoration

Down below, Isobel sets up another tapestry as Baz waits

The rooftops of Framlingham

Framlingham graveyard

Framlingham from the air (well, sort of)

Inside Framlingham castle

The organ of St. Peter Mancroft, Norwich

The clear windows of St. Peter Mancroft

A view of the town of Blakeney, Norfolk

A Blakeney car park

Geoff and Brenda at Blakeney

Nosher and Geoff

Geoff, Jan and Bernie

Bernie and 'Mad' Sue

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Isobel and Baz set up a tapestry for a photo session