The Old Man Visits, and a Frosty Stuston, Suffolk - 8th December 1989

Nosher's Old Man and Maureen pay a visit. It's also clearly an opportunity to document the new(-ish) Stuston pad on film.

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previous album: A Stuston Bonfire Night, Suffolk - 5th November 1989

A frosty view from the bedroom window

It's a frosty morning on Stuston Common

The K6 phonebox and the village pump

Nosher's bed

The kitchen, and miniature cooker

The lounge, complete with scary carpet salvaged from a shoe shop in diss

The bedroom - west view

Classic, if faintly gruesome, brown bathroom suite

The outside of The Stables

Kitchen and wooden beam

The Stables

A very misty evening, as seen from the old road up from the golf course

The Salvation Army band is out on Gentleman's Walk in Norwich

Norwich Cathedral

Norwich Cathedral from round the back

Dad and Maureen

Maureen and Dad in the kitchen

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A frosty view from the bedroom window