Kite flying is attempted

Kite flying is attempted

Geoff looks up as a barbeque occurs

The kite fliers

A barbeque in a field

There's an old Ransomes thresher in a shed

Rachel in the reception of Anglia Web

Rachel bags something up

Wendy and Brenda do some paperwork

Wendy Saunders with Kelly and Brenda Pitcher

Crispy looks up from her desk

A BPCC Anglia Web office staff group photo

Beryl, Wendy and Cripsy in the Railway, Diss

Crispy, Kelly, Big Sue and Jackie in the Railway

Printec is in the Railway on Victoria Road

Bindery Sue, Rachel and Wendy

Rachel on Printec's reception

Karl gets a birthday handshake

Adrian, Kate and Alan Cox in the Scole Inn

Monique and a Printec dude

Wendy Bedford has a laugh

Alan, ? and Kate at the bar

A couple of Printec staff

Adrian Laval looks like he's giving a speech

The bottom of Elm Hill in Norwich

Round the back of the Grammar school in Norwich