The cute village of Fowey in Cornwall

The cute village of Fowey in Cornwall

The estuary/river at Fowey

A bit more of Fowey

The chain-link ferry does its thing at Fowey

John Stuart leaps off a wall

Chris and John hang around by the car

Chris weilds his camera

Andy, John and Chris by the car

Andy stands next to his hired Mark 2 Vauxhall Cavalier

John, Riki, Chris and Andy flake out on the grass at the Lizard

The lighthouse on the Lizard

Chris eats a roll

Riki with a sandwich

John Stuart

Andy sets up a photo

Bray-feature and Chris on the cliffs

A derelict Cornish tin mine

Possibly the Wheal Jane tin mine

Derelict tin mine buildings

Riki and John look moody by a tin mine

A derelict tin mine chimney, backed by the sun

The Eddystone Rock lighthouse

The Eddystone Rock lighthouse

Land's End

A sea door on Land's End

Crossing the rope bridge to Land's End

Andy peers through a telescope

A rop-covered footbridge, and the Eddystone lighthouse

Riki and Andy have cider/coffee

The lads on the James and Catherine Macfarlane lifeboat

The lads at the Land's End sign

Looking back up the coast from Land's End

St. Ives harbour

More St. Ives

The tide is out, as boats wait on the mud

The beach at St. Ives

A couple of herring gulls roam around on the beach

A woman feeds the seagulls

A busker plays guitar as his dog waits

Posters on the wall in St. Ives town

Chris, Riki and John on Fore Street in St. Ives

A lonely hut on the cliff is lit by sodium light

A St. Ives sunset over the sea