Uni: Dartmoor Night and Day, Dartmouth and a bit of Jiu Jitsu, Devon - 29th April 1989

It's another of our Midnight tours up to Dartmoor, this time to Postbridge, right in the heart of Dartmoor (and in the rain). Also, by day, Andrew Moncreiff-Crosbie drives Nosher up to Widdecombe-in-the-Moor, as part of his research in to local churches for a book he was writing, and Kate drives Nosher and Caroline Gage up to the Walkhampton Inn in, er, Walkhampton - just a mile or so past Yelverton on the way to Princetown. There's also a bit of a trip to Dartmouth with Angela, and another session at the Shelly Hall on North Hill with Andy "Jitsu" Dobie's Jiu-Jitsu massive.

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Kate, Caroline and Jackie on the river bank at Postbridge

Kate, Caroline and Jackie

Angela, Jackie, Dave and Kate on the 13th Century Tin Miner's bridge at Postbridge

Jackie and Dave in the back of Kate's car

Kate drives us around

Andrew waits in his car in the square at Widdecombe

Andrew Crosbie in the pulpit in St. Pancras Church, Widdecombe

Cute thatched cottage, Widdecome

St. Pancras Church, Widdecombe

Hay Tor

Another view of Hay Tor

Kate Solly, Jackie Collins and Caroline Gage in the pub at Walkhampton

Kate, Jacie and Caroline

A little bit of Dartmouth

The town of Dartmouth, nestled in a river valley

Dobbs lobs someone over on to the mat

Jiu Jitsu action

Crashing to the floor

Dobbs is in there somewhere

Another Jitsu throw

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Kate, Caroline and Jackie on the river bank at Postbridge