Uni: Kate, A Lampshade and Duloe, Plymouth and Cornwall - 2nd December 1988

Angela's mate from Texas is over for a visit. Whilst here, we go to Duloe in Cornwall to visit some trees that he'd planted a few years before. Later, back at the flat in Wyndham Square, Kate gets a bit lively and manages to trash a lampshade. Finally, there's a quick trip to Pitt Farm near Totnes. This set was proving difficult to date, until some info was found in the National Archives, no less - Nosher, Tex and Angela went to see Swan Lake at the Theatre Royal in Plymouth, and the programme for that performance is kept at the Plymouth and West Devon Record Office, dated 28 November to 3 December. Photo forensics - w00t!

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Oberon the horse lies down

Oberon is rugged up

Oberon gets a snack

Marty roams around

Pitt Farm and Marty the dog

Tex proudly shows off his tree

The Duloe tree is inspected


Kate gets frisky with Tex

Angela looks up

Tex has a go at Kate's feet

Nosher looks serious

Kate pokes Nosher's head

Nosher: boy in grey

Kate collapses in a heap

Kate somehow manages to destroy a lampshade

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Oberon the horse lies down