Mother and Mike's Wedding Reception, Bransgore, Dorset - 20th August 1988

It's the return of a lost set of photos, handed over to Mother and Mike after being developed and not seen since until a recently visit down to Devon for a day. Anyway, it's mother and Mike's wedding reception in the garden of their house - The Willows in Bransgore. Sean is there too, and the freely-flowing supply of Kir Royale and red wine mean that before long we're all mashed. Sean even manages to puke up in the car on his way home.

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A kit-form marquee awaits construction

The marquee hasn't got very far yet

Neil helps out

Mike, Mother and Sean survey the marquee construction

Mike pokes about building the marquee

Neil looks over

Grandmother outside a restaurant somewhere

Mother sports a truly bizarre late-1980s perm and suntan, whilst opening wedding presents

Mother opens up a tandoori oven

Mike holds a present as Grandmother looks over

The Willows

Kir Royale is served

Sis plays with Florence the Cat

Neil and Caroline

More greeting drinks

Mingling outside The Willows

Guests mingle around in the garden

Sean and Maria

In the stripy marquee

Brian looks glum as Judith talks to mother


The calm before the storm

Grandmother looks over as the Bournemouth Salon Trio do their thing

Grandmother talks to Mother

N&C again

A queue for food

More guests

The violinist from the Bournemouth Salon Trio

Caroline's at the food table

Brian and Judith

Kim roams around with a camera

The cutting of the cake

A snog moment

Kim takes a photo as Harold chats to Hayley

Mike does a toast

Mike does a speech

The guests listen to speeches

Mike talks to Judith

More snogging

Some 'clean-skin' Harrow wine is passed around


More mystery guests

The Great Yarmouth table

Cello action

Mother and Grandmother look at one of Nosher's panoramic photos

Mother and her crazy perm

Grandmother looks non-plussed

More mystery people

Nosher's in a group photo

Everyone's out in front of the house

A big wedding-guest group photo

Mothers and daughters

Sis talks to people

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A kit-form marquee awaits construction