Somans: A Winner's Tour of the Factory, Norwich - 10th June 1988

Soman-Wherry Press has been running some sort of painting competition on packs handed out during the Lord Mayor's procession a few weeks before. The picture to colour in is some archetypal Dutch character, and the winners are invited to a presentation in the MD's office in the Crocodile Building on Heigham Street. It's followed by a tour of the print factory on the other side of the road.

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Bill Butler hands over a prize

More prize presentations

Soman's staff and the prize winners

The winners and their families take a tour of the factory, starting in the pre-press area

An introduction to pre-press

More repro and pre-press action

Colin takes the winners through the paper warehouse

An introduction to printing

The Muller-Martini guy gives an introduction to stitching (stapling)

Some free samples are handed out

Sue and Rachel 'Nobby' Clark get their knees out in Soman's reception

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Bill Butler hands over a prize