The Plymouth Boyz Visit Nosher in the Sticks, Red House, Norfolk - 20th May 1988

Some of Nosher's "gang" (Dave, Riki, Chris and Andy) come up to visit Nosher at the rented pad in Red House, near Aylsham in the North Norfolk countryside. Andy "Bray Feature" had hired a car to bring them up, so we used it to drive to California (the one near Great Yarmouth, not the one in the US) and down to Norwich, where we even hire a boat for a few hours' amble up and down the rivers Yare and Wensum. Dave gets the grumps for a while after Andy pretends to have chucked his anorak in to the river, for a laff.

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The fields near Sewell's Cottages, in the hamlet of Red House

The River Wensum looking back into town, and Prince of Wales Road

The Rushcutters, in Thorpe St. Andrew just outside Norwich

Looking back up the Yare past the Rushcutters

Riki at the helm (lookig the wrong way) as Andy puts his feet up

Riverbank life

A grumpy Dave, Andy, Riki and Chris in the back of the boat on the way back to Norwich

A field of Oil Seed Rape

Dave and Andy near a windmill on the Norfolk Broads

A broads windmill

Dave gives Chris bunny ears, Riki squats on the dunes and Bray-feature sticks his arms out

The lads in the sand dunes at California, Norfolk

Nosher's camera bag in the dunes

Bray-feature's hired car, with Riki and Chris sticking their heads out of the sun roof

Dave, Chris, Riki and Andy mess about in the evening sun

The lads mess around outside the front door. Dave has borrowed one of Nosher's jumpers

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The fields near Sewell's Cottages, in the hamlet of Red House