Hamish's 21st and Christmas, New Milton and Bransgore - 25th December 1987

It's Hamish's 21st Birthday, which is held at La Dolca Vita Italian restaurant in New Milton. It's Hamish's first time tackling shell-on prawns, the process of which has to be explained (including what the mystery bowls of warm water are for). A few days later, it's Christmas day - firstly with a visit to Brian and Judith in Barton-on-Sea, followed by Christmas dinner at The Willows in Bransgore.

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Misty trees in Norfolk

Maria and Sean

Uncle Donald raises a hand

Hamish's cake

Simon Morris, Kevin Kealy, Jon, Phil, Hamish and Laura

Hamish's cake is on fire. Andy Poppit looks on

Smoking birthday cake

Hamish cuts the cake

Hamish sniffs his present - a new Attache case

Hamish checks the combination

Hamish and a toast

Sean, Stephen, Jon, Maria and Phil

Jon raises a glass

Hamish practices a bit of finger dipping

Laura and Jennifer

Hamish's parents

Birthday crowd

Jennifer, Stephen and Jon

Hamish gets fed something

Maria and Phil

Nosher and Sean

Phil and Hamish lead the gang back from La Dolca Vita


Judith (right) and her family

Judith with a pan of peas

Brian sticks sausages into the oven

Mike and Judith's mother

Mike, Sis and Mother in the dining room at The Willows

Sis and a pile of food

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Misty trees in Norfolk