From Waterloo Station to Great Yarmouth - 20th September 1987

Nosher buys a second-hand bike from housemate Barney and despite not having cycled much for the last couple of years decides to cycle from Norwich to Great Yarmouth - around 20 miles. At around half-way, near the Stracey Arms windpump, it's hard going, and a sweater has to be pressed in to service as a saddle softener. By the time Yarmouth is reached, standing up in the peddles is the order of the day so the train is the only way back. Later, there's a trip down south somewhere, which gives a chance to get a few photos of Waterloo Station, and the morning rush-hour.

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9:25am, on Platform 2 at Waterloo Station, and the Class 438 4TC train (left) has just come in

It's a little quieter on Platform 10. The train for New Milton (behind) waits to leave

Commuters (and blokes in drainpipe jeans) mill around Waterloo

Commuters rush around

The Stracey Arms wind-pump

Stracey Arms

A Yarmouth park

The Lanes in Great Yarmouth

The Yarmouth Lanes

Anna Sewell's cottage (the author of 'Black Beauty')

A Yarmouth church

Great Yarmouth

Yarmouth Pier

Yarmouth Pier again

Yarmouth beach

Down by the docks in Great Yarmouth


Swan Lane, Norwich

Pottergate in Norwich

The stained glass window of Norwich Cathedral

Norwich Nave

Coloured light from the stained-glass window plays on the columns of the cathedral

Norwich Cathedral, from the Close

Barney and Martin in the Valentine Street house

Barney gives it the finger

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9:25am, on Platform 2 at Waterloo Station, and the Class 438 4TC train (left) has just come in