A Bit of Bracken Way Pre-Christmas, Walkford, Dorset - 24th December 1986

Nosher's down at Bracken Way (Mother and Mike's pad) in Walkford, for Christmas. The do on the big day itself is over at Neil and Caroline's, but there's a pre-Christmas-a-like dinner at the house. Firstly, there's a new kitten at the Neath Road house in Plymouth, then, down south, Nosher is out with Phil, Hamish and the gang at a pub somewhere followed by a spot of Christmas shopping in Bournemouth.

next album: Christmas with Neil and Caroline, Christchurch - 25th December 1986
previous album: Uni: A Plymouth Hoe Kickabout, Plymouth, Devon - 20th October 1986

Christmas lights in Plymouth, on Armada Way

New George Street in Plymouth

At Neath Road, Ed plays around with the new kitten, called 'Christmas'

Christmas the kitten roams around near Nosher's trusty Walkman

Christmas has a sleep


Hamish and the big bins

Phil pulls an odd face

Phil and Hamish

Debenhams and the Christmas lights, Bournemouth

A pre-Christmas table

Sis looks grumpy

The Bracken Way dining room

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Christmas lights in Plymouth, on Armada Way