The New Forest Marathon, New Milton - 14th September 1986

It's the New Forest Marathon, which starts in the middle of New Milton and heads out through the New Forest via Brockenhurst. Nosher's hanging out with CB-radio chum Brian the "Blue Flame" at the time and so we get to drive over in the Corvette to see the runners still doing their thing as they run through Brock.

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The novelty section of the New Forest marathon heads down past Barclays Bank

Novelty fun running

Heading for the finishing line

The Ringwood Pipe Band march down the High Street past Lloyds Bank


The Ringwood Pipe Band pipe their way down the High Street

More bagpipe action

A load of blue balloons are released to mark the start of the marathon

The start of the race

The marathon proper kicks off

A mass of marathon runners

The runners stream through the starting line

The runners head off over the railway bridge, pursued by a single support van and a motorbike rozzer

Sean's stepdad Bob

Local legend Ken Baily, and Pauline from the CB Radio scene

Pete, from the CB group, marshals the marathon by Charles Nobel the jewellers

Pauline waves

A marathon runner legs it through Brockenhurst

More runners pass through Brockenhurst

More marathon running

Pauline with a dog

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The novelty section of the New Forest marathon heads down past Barclays Bank