A Trip to Groombridge, Kent - 10th July 1986

It's time to leave Ford Cottage in a bit of a runner, as Mother hands Nosher's suitcase out of the lounge window so stepdad Andy wouldn't find out. After a few days staying with Dave Lock in Kent, it's a return to a rented house in Lymington with just Mother and Sis.

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Shops in Tunbridge Wells

The Pantiles

Another view of the Pantiles

Somewhere else in Tunbridge Wells

Todd's Vintry

Nosher used to play one in school, so was quite impressed seeing a Bassoon busker

Tunbridge High Street

Another generic High Street

A random wedding takes place near Pevensey

Horse and carriage at a Pevensey wedding

A couple of nice old wedding cars

Kent church

Dave Lock and his mates at a pub somewhere

A pastoral oast-house scene

Kentish house

Rural Kent scene

The Fir Tree House tea rooms

A curious deer

Some Fallow deer in a park

The deer are particularly friendly

Kent high street

Cute Kent cottages

Dave's house

Dave's parents outside their house

Down on the quay in Lymington

The hill towards Lymington Quay

The house on Harvester Way

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Shops in Tunbridge Wells