A Trip to Chepstow, Monmouthshire, Wales - 5th July 1986

Sean's off to some McCarthy and Stone "day at the races" in Chepstow, so Nosher tags along for something to do. During the journey, Peter Gabriel's album "So" is on constant play in the car (Sean's mother's Ford Fiesta) . Sean drops Nosher off in the middle of Chepstow for a few hours whilst he goes of to schmooze, and we stop off at the Severn Bridge on the way back.

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A waterskiier steams up the River Wye

Chepstow Castle

The imposing pile of Chepstow Castle

Inside Chepstow Castle

Bridge over the River Wye

The towers and cables of the Severn Bridge

The Severn Bridge

The towers of the Severn Bridge

A pair of National Express coaches trundle over the Severn Bridge

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A waterskiier steams up the River Wye