Uni: Sport Aid - Run The World, Plymouth, Devon - 25th May 1986

Sport Aid, otherwise known as "Run The World", was a global sporting event inspired by the previous year's Band Aid. Nearly 20 million people around the world ran, trotted, staggered or walked the six mile course. In Plymouth, several thousand people were out on the streets, including several Plymouth Polytechnic chums and various groups and societies, including the marines from Shaugh Prior (Bickleigh) and a Karate club. There's a bit more about Sport Aid on Wikipedia

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A bunch of marines in green

Pushing a pram around for 10km

Mark, off of Phsychology, waves on his way round

Some runners head up past Drake Circus

A runner hauls around a Union Flag

More of the Psychology group run around past Charles Church

A couple of platoons of marines in purple and green

Another Mark runs around

A group from Stewarts Sports

Anand runs past

James, former housemate from Beaumont Street runs past

A crowd of runners come up from Charles Cross

The purple marines do their thing

A team with a viking ship

More runners and wheels

An end-of-film photo of Sam Kennedy, Mark Wilkins and Alison Flemming giggling about something

Sam, Mark and Ally run up Charles Street, past the cop shop

A couple of BABS girlies

Runners on the final stretch

Alison and Mark and a Plymouth City bus

Malcolm Roweth runs past

A dude on a recumbent wheelchair

The Psychology runners head up Old Town Street

A karate club head up Old Town Street

James, off of Beaumont Street

Some finishing-line action

Sam, Mark, ? and Ally Flemming run to the finish

Sam Kennedy, Mark Wilkins and co pass the finish line on New George Street

Alison Fleming signs out

Alison, Mark, ? and Sam show off their finishers' badge

A well-earned bottle of water

Charles Cross roundabout by night

Charles Cross roundabout, with extra Cokin starburst filter!

Railway yards, as seen from Tothill Road

The Students' Union entrance hall, with the security office ahead, pigeonholes and the main office, right

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A bunch of marines in green