Uni: A Breadsticks Dinner Party, Cromwell Road, Plymouth - 28th April 1986

Nosher hosts a bit of a "dinner party" round the Cromwell Road gaff. For some reason, bread sticks seem to feature quite heavily in the proceedings - Andy Dobie is inclined to stick them up his nose, and Andy Grove likes to smoke his. There are also some random photos from Plymouth Polytechnic's Students' Union bar.

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Mark, the Cromwell Road landlord

Andy sticks a breadstick up his nose

Angela Crann

Mary Dicks peruses photos

Mary, Andy and Mark

Andy, Angela, Mary, Andy and Mark

Andy smokes his breadstick

Angela does the washing up in the oh-so-1970s kitchen

Mark Wilkins and a bit of Alison

Mark tries to hide

Sam Kennedy's girlfriend

Sam Kennedy, and a little bit of Dai Edwards (left)

Barbara's Psychology gang

Frank and Barbara stick tongues out

More tongue action

Barbara tries to eat a crisp in peace

Dave Lock cues up as Malc (the Dorchester Boy) watches

Alison Fleming, in her digs, watches television

Mayflower Street in Plymouth

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Mark, the Cromwell Road landlord