Uni: Another Session in the JSV, Plymouth - 15th April 1986

It's time for another session in the James Street Vaults, the popular pub just up the road from the Fly offices (the student newspaper) and a few metres from the edge of the city-centre campus proper. Following that, there's some dodgy 80s dancing in Snob's Disco, down on Mayflower Street

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Dave Lock and Andy Dobie

The bar dude

Dave Lock's got Dave Masterson in a stranglehold

Riki (right) has got his eyes closed again

Behind the bar at the JSV

Dave wrings his sweater out, having got a bit of a beer-wash

Dave Lock

Riki looks bemused

Dave Masterson

Riki looks a bit pouty

A girl called Cath?

Dancing in Snob's Disco

Mike Bey, Andy and Dave bopping away

Some quality gurning

A dude from thr SU office

Mike Bey and Dave roam around Plymouth

A bit of street drinks-can kickabout

Mike and Andy wrestle outside Dingles

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Dave Lock and Andy Dobie