Uni: Jazz RAG Hit Squad in Action, Plymouth - 14th February 1986

The RAG "Hit Squad" is out and about. For a contribution to the cause, they would launch flour and goo attacks on unsuspecting victims - in this case down in the Students' Union, out in a lecture somewhere and even Roy Gardiner, the SU bar manager.

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The Hit Squad ready for action

Another victim in the SU pyramid

More shaving foam is applied

Another vistim gets it

A student gets it in a lecture

A student with a lab coat, and some unexpected foam

A flour-and-shaving foam victim

Shaving-foam pies are waved around

The victim of many shaving-foam pies

Rich Arnold holds up a pair of knickers or pants

Roy's got some sort of lingerie

There's some sort of RAG auction going on. Alison Fleming holds something up.

A signed photo of Margaret Thatcher is auctioned off

Karen Wilkins in a toga

Karen Wilkins

Roy appears to stroke Karen

An avalanche of flour

Roy Gardiner gets properly pied

Roy in a cloud of flour

Roy recovers from a flouring

The Hit Squad, unmasked in the SU conference room, come back for a re-fill

Karen and gang have a smoke in the SU office

A pair of smelly socks is used as a weapon

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The Hit Squad ready for action