A view out of a rainy GTB canteen window

A view out of a rainy GTB canteen window

Lise Clayton and chum

Sandra chats to Mr. C-P

Mr. Smidman and Ray Mitchell chat

Phil, Anna and their mothers

Abelado Clariana-Piga

Helen Malin (left) - Nosher's maths teacher

Drinks are served

Helen Malin

Peter Green, business studies lecturer

Mr. Smidman and Mr. C-P chat

A couple of students

Helen Malin looks at her wine

Peter Green and Lise Clayton

Alastair, aka Steve (Winwood)

Helen Marsh

Helen Marsh gets Florence on her lap

A Christmas tree and a curled-up cat

Helen considers the Christmas tree


Florence nests in a drawer

Florence looks up from her drawer spot

Anna's dad

Hamish and family in their lounge

Hamish's dog - Geordie

Anna and Phil

Anna Green

Jon, Anna, Phil and Hamish in a pub


Brian and Judith in Ford Cottage

Phil and Anna at Ford Cottage

Sis dresses up as a Christmas elf