Brockenhurst College Presentation and Christmas, Hampshire - 19th December 1985

It's the certificate presentation following the summer's A-level exams at Brockenhurst College, in the heart of the New Forest. Nosher's back from Plymouth Polytechnic for the Christmas holidays and even hires a 135mm lens for the occasion (from Nicholas Gossip, the camera shop in New Milton). There's also a round-up of other Christmas randomness, including Nosher's Sis in a sponsored bed-push around Brockenhurst (for which Nosher, Hamish and others were providing some CB-radio-based support) and some beer 'n' stick-game in one of Brockenhurst's hostelries - a final gathering of some old sixth-form college chums. Finally, there ar four "lost" photos from earlier in the year, including a couple of CB-buddy Brian "The Blue Flame"'s 5.7 litre Corvette. On a couple of occasions, we would take this over to the empty car park on Hengistbury head and take it in turns doing crazy skids and handbrake turns.

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Lise Clayton and chum

Sandra chats to Mr. C-P

Mr. Smidman and Ray Mitchell chat

Phil, Anna and their mothers

Abelado Clariana-Piga

Helen Malin (left) - Nosher's maths teacher

Drinks are served

Helen Malin

Peter Green, business studies lecturer

Mr. Smidman and Mr. C-P chat

A couple of students

Helen Malin looks at her wine

Peter Green and Lise Clayton

Alastair (also known as 'Steve' on account of him looking a litle like Steve Winwood) shows off his certificate

Helen Marsh

Helen Marsh gets Florence the cat on her lap

A Christmas tree and a curled-up cat

Helen considers the Christmas tree


Florence nests in a drawer

Sis (at the back) helps push the bed down Lyndhurst Road in Brockenhurst

The 'EastEnders' bed steams past Londis Stores in Brock

Sis sticks her arm out

Sis's 'EastEnders' bed arrives outside the front of Brockenhurst College

Andy Poppit plays pool

Andy Poppit and Russell Yeatman

More stick-game action

Keith Frost throws a dart

Andy Poppit (right) and the Brock College gang

More messing around with the Brock College gang (and evidence of an earlier flour fight)

Anna's dad

Hamish and family in their lounge

Hamish's dog - Geordie

Anna and Phil

Anna Green

Jon, Anna, Phil and Hamish in a pub somewhere

Brian and Judith in the lounge at Ford Cottage

Sis, looking very '1980s'

Sis dresses up as a Christmas elf

Nosher, looking somewhat tragic

Nosher eats some salad at Ford Cottage

Brian the 'Blue Flame' and his 1980 Corvette

Nosher and the 5.7 litre Corvette

The view out of the rainy GTB Refectory window over Plymouth

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Lise Clayton and chum