Uni: BABS Christmas Ball and a Beaumont Street Party, Plymouth - 16th December 1985

Around the Beaumont Street student digs, there's a bit of a Christmas party going on, mostly with Barbara's "Psychology Massive". A few days before (or after), down at the Mayflower Hotel near the Hoe in Plymouth, it's the course Christmas Ball. Unfortunately, the camera was opened with the film still in it, so not many photos survive.

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Barbara writes some Christmas cards out

A bit of a silly-string moment

Barbara and a blue-socked foot

Barbara with a balloon

Malc's head

More sofa messing around

Balloon action

Barbara's got a balloon stuck to her head

A bit of couch dancing

Fighting off balloons

Some singing

Some random shapes are thrown

Malcolm and Frank

More crazy dancing

It's time for quiche in the hall

Frank Sembi and Barbara

Some intense dancing

There's a stack of TVs

Malcolm's on the floor with balloons

Heading a balloon

The band at the BABS Ball do their thing

Dave Lock and Andrew Bray

Sue Bayliss gets in the zone

Andy Grove and Angela Crann

Some sort of ball dancing

Andy Bray inspects a paper hat

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Barbara writes some Christmas cards out