There's a fancy-dress party in the Students' Union

There's a fancy-dress party in the Students' Union

One of Barbara's psychology coursemates

Zoe from psychology

Paul Smith by the noticeboard

The view of Plymouth Hoe from Smeaton's Tower

A fishing boat down at the Barbican

Fishing action on West Hoe

The alleyway behind Beaumont Street

Liz in Nosher's Beaumont Street bedroom

In the lantern room of Smeaton's tower

Liz at the bottom of Smeaton's Tower

Down on the front near West Hoe

Liz up on Dartmoor, near Dartmeet

Liz stands about on Dartmoor

Dartmoor sheep

Liz perches on a tor

Nosher on a Dartmoor tor

Some pigeon action down on Plymouth Hoe

Malcolm has a bit of a nap in the armchair

Barbara chews on a pen

Malcolm's got a napkin on his head

Barbara with James's hang-glider

Barbara hugs James' hang glider

Barbara takes notes

Malcolm climbs over the banisters

64 Beaumont Street

Malcolm picks crumbs of his sweatshirt

Barbara hides in a hoodie

John, Dave, Andy and Riki in The Bank

Riki, Dave, Dobbs and John with umbrellas under Royal Parade