Uni: First Weeks At Polytechnic, Umbrellas and a Visit From Liz, Plymouth - 26th September 1985

It's the first weeks of Polytechnic. Liz, who had helped by giving Nosher a lift down with all his stuff (together with stepdad Andy and Mother in another car), comes down to visit a few weeks after the start of term. There's also the first night out with the lads in The Bank. On the way back from the pub, there's an all-time favourite photo of the "umbrella" scene in a subway under Royal Parade. Before all of that, there is some "going away" action around New Milton.

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Florence the Cat at Ford Cottage

Anne and David outside their antique shop in New Milton

Jeremy, Jon, Anne and David outside their Antique Shop, with one of Nosher's early signwriting efforts

Jon's lovely little Morris Minor van

Liz in Bournemouth Winter Gardens

A sailor-suited sprog roams around

Liz in the park at Bournemouth

Jon, Sean, Liz, Anna and Phil at Ford Cottage

Jon, Sean, Liz, a freaking-out Phil and Anna

Sean, Jon and Liz in the lounge at Ford Cottage

Jon and Sean in a pub somewhere

Malcolm has a bit of a nap in the armchair

Barbara chews on a pen whilst contemplating work and/or the TV

Malcolm's got a napkin on his head for some reason

The view of Plymouth Hoe from the top of Smeaton's Tower

A fishing boat down at the Barbican

Some random pigeon action down on Plymouth Hoe

Fishing action

The back-of-the house alleyway behind Beaumont Street

John, Dave, Andy and Riki in The Bank

Riki Stewart, Dave Lock, Andy Dobie and John Stuart with umbrellas under Royal Parade

Liz in Nosher's Beaumont Street bedroom

Liz at the top of Smeaton's Twoer (the old Eddystone lighthouse)

Liz in the lantern room of Smeaton's tower

Liz down on the front near West Hoe

Liz up on Dartmoor somewhere

Dartmoor sheep

Liz perches on a tor

Nosher on a Dartmoor tor

Barbara hugs James' hang glider

64 Beaumont Street

Malcolm picks crumbs of his sweatshirt as we eat peanut-butter sandwiches

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Florence the Cat at Ford Cottage