Camping, the New Forest Marathon and Phil's Birthday, Charmouth, New Milton and Hordle - 7th August 1985

Nosher's off camping with Phil, Anna and Carol - out of the CB Radio gang - down at Newlands Campsite on the edge of Charmouth in Dorset - where Nosher and Sean had been as kids a few years before. Nosher gets a lift with Carol in her yellow Datsun Cherry, and is introduced to Alison Moyet's album "Alf" as we're driving through Dorchester. Before that though, it's Phil's birthday, so we're over to his parents' gaff in Hordle for cake and celebrations

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Phil, Anna and some ducks

Anna and Phil mess around

Anna and Phil wrestle in Anna's garden

Phil chases Sally the dog around the garden

Anna and Phil do a toast

Phil cuts his birthday cake

Phil does more cake slicing

A friends-and-family group in front of the garage

Phil and his parents

A random cockateel on a cage

A view over the town of Beer in Devon

Nosher by a Pullman train at Beer Modelrama

Carol looks back on the Beer Heights Light Railway

Carol and Nosher do some crazy golf

Carol, with Charmouth in the background

Anna, Phil and Carol by the river in Charmouth

Carol again

We poke around the zoo at Cricket St. Thomas

Hamish's dad talks to a motorbike rozzer

Hamish's dad in the Ringwood Pipe Band

The start of the New Forest Marathon in New Milton

Marathon runners on Station Road

Marathon runners on Station Road in New Milton

The runners run through Arnewood School, past the SCOLA building

Runners go past the garages and bike sheds at Arnewood School

A tantalising contact print of lost photos

Jon the Hair looks up

Jon pulls Geordie's ears up

Hamish with a TV aerial

Hamish and Geordie

Hamish and Nosher - on-line in 1985

Geordie on Hamish's bed

The river at Wootton Bridge in the New Forest

Nosher jumps around at Wootton Bridge

Geordie plays around in the river

Nosher pokes the stream with a stick

Geordie and Hamish on an old railway track in the forest

A random cat

The random cat does a bit of wrestling

Hamish's cat

Sean skates around at Westover Ice Rink in Bournemouth

Hamish's sister Jennifer

A mystery cat with string

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Phil, Anna and some ducks