Nosher Goes Windsurfing, Macclesfield, Cheshire - 20th June 1985

Just before a trip to Tenerife with Sis, The Old Chap and Maureen, there's time for a bit of windsurfing on some lake near Macclesfield. Nosher's frankly not that good at it. We also visit Chester for a bit.

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Liz, Jon, Anna and Phil in a pub garden somewhere

The Old Man's dog, Brandy

Brandy and Maureen in the lounge at Ryles Park Avenue

Nosher and Brandy

East Gate, in The middle of Chester

Some dude does some pavement pastel art in Chester

Nosher on a windsurfer

Nosher tries to haul the sail back up

About to set off, hesitantly

Nosher's away on the windsurfer

One man and his spotty dog, windsurfing

It's all over, as Nosher paddles back

One more try on the windsurfer

Someone else, who knows what they're doing

Brandy again

Brandy runs out of a resevoir

The Old Chap takes Brandy for a walk

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Liz, Jon, Anna and Phil in a pub garden somewhere