Life in Ford Cottage and Barton on Sea, Hampshire - 2nd April 1985

It's probably not April, and it's certainly not a single day, but it is a set of random photos taken on a borrowed camera from Brockenhurst College of life around Barton on Sea and Ford Cottage, on Meadow Way, as Nosher learns some black and white photography. A few of these were probably done in the physics department's darkroom at Brockenhurst College, but the rest were done on an enlarger co-owned with Hamish, set up in the downstairs bathroom of Ford Cottage. Most of the prints are only about 10cm wide

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Liz in her Morris 1100 on Meadow Way

An attempt to rip off a Genesis album cover, in torchlight

More fun in the dark with a tripod and a torch

A family gathering in the back garden

An old dude does metal detectoring on Barton beach

Florence - Fleabag the moog

Some dude fishes off Barton beach

Sis, Caroline, Neil and Grandmother around the table

Mother, Grandmother, Sis and Caroline

Liz in the lounge of Ford Cottage

Nosher does a selfie in the bedroom mirror

Andy Campbell sweeps leaves up

Fleabag scratches a flea as Andy sweeps

Florence the moog up a tree

Fishing off the groynes at Barton

Barton clifftop in the sunset

Sis by the dining table

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Liz in her Morris 1100 on Meadow Way