Pinhole Cameras and a Red Arrows Fly Past, Brome, Suffolk - 16th May 2020

As part of a vague attempt to do "home schooling", Nosher and the boys are messing around with a BitBot - a small robot buggy controlled by a programmable MicroBit computer - as well as with pinhole photography - no lens on the camera, just a bit of foil with a pin-prick hole in it - as a way to learn about lenses. After that, Fred has a go with the old bellows, which enable super-macro photography with standard lenses. Later on, the Red Arrows are on their way from RAF Scampton to Westminster for a VE-Day fly past, the track of which takes them right over the house at about 500 feet.

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The remains of a burned-down thatched cottage in Oakley

Harry in a pinhole photo, looking a lot like John Connor in T2

Fred through a pinhole

Fred poses with the escaped statue head

The wind turbines

The sunlight diffracts across the foil edge into a rainbow of sorts

Harry waves a stick around

Macro photograph of a bee

The bee is covered in pollen

A tiny yellow flower

Fred photographs a purple flower

The whirl of a small snail shell, close up

Isobel stands in the field, waiting for the Red Arrows

Fred pokes around in the parched field

The first five Red Arrows fly right over the house

The trailing four Red Arrows Hawks

Isobel looks back

There's a poignant grave in Eye Cemetery

There's a small collection of wrecked cars round the back of the Fire Station

Boris - Stripey Cat - roams around

The boys have programmed a BitBot to draw Spirographs

The BitBot does its thing in pentagon form

Face on with a massive beetle

On a bike ride around the 'Hoxne loop', a curious old pumping station is spotted

Derelict buildings outside Hoxne

Boris again

Fred has started cycling to school

Work has started on the new redirected B1077 near Eye

The cut for the new road

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The remains of a burned-down thatched cottage in Oakley