The BSCC Christmas Dinner, Thornham Four Horseshoes, Suffolk - 14th December 2019

It's the Brome Swan Cycle Club Christmas dinner, this year at the Four Horsehoes (of the Apocalypse) in Thornham Magna. Before that though, the Gislingham Silver Band have their annual concert at the Gislingham village hall, and a few days later there's a stint at the Rickinghall Farmer's Market

next album: Carol Concerts Everywhere, Thrandeston, Suffolk - 17th December 2019
previous album: The St. Nicholas Street Winter Fayre, Diss, Norfolk - 14th December 2019

Fred holds up some music

The band gets ready

Time for mince pies

Terry's bass drum is nicely done up with fairy lights

Tidying up after the gig

In the back room, the tree gets a bit of decoration

Isobel tries to put a star on the top of the tree with a pole

Millie and Boris have another busy day

Iron Man is doing some sort of exercise

At the Rickinghall farmer's market

The band waits to do its thing

It's time for a quick drink of squash

The band gets ready for part two

Fred messes around with his jacket

Gaz pretends that a cracker is a telescope

The Four Horseshoes' Christmas tree

The BSCC gang

Marc has a bit of a yawn

A rosy-cheeked Colin

The 'top table'

Syvlia checks up on a list

Gaz is not impressed with two lumps of cheddar being called a 'cheese board'

Gaz has a paper plane

Harry and Gaz do something with paper

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Fred holds up some music