Boris and Millie on the sofa

Boris and Millie on the sofa

Millie the Mooch looks unimpressed

Boris - Stripey Cat - is all curled up

John Parry and David pose outside the village hall

The boys mess around in the drive

Autumn leaves everywhere

Harry's a bit hesitant, what with all the people

Soph the Roph's zombie make up

Harry finally gets stuck in

Clive turns up as Gomez Addams

Nosher and Isobel

Harry blows bubbles

The bubble guy gets a huge bubble going

Isobel and the Corpse Brides

It's a popular event

Fred makes some sort of hat

Amelia is Wednesday Addams

Andrew appears as Dracula

Fred models a thing he's made

Some of the costumes are a little weird

The Addams family

Isobel adjusts her flowery hat

Harry's got stuck to some string

Disco lights and lasers

Harry's Scream mask

Henry at the hat table

Outside, the fire performers do their thing

Fire dancing

There's a perimiter of small fires

A skeleton swings fire around

One of the performers gets a light

The three amigos

Trails of fire

Individual flames look frozen in time

Carl gets some fire pits going with a blowtorch

A comedy monkey goes around in a cage

More bubble messing

Sophie gets some flourescent painting done

Ultraviolet flourescence

The bubble solution is all over the floor

We head off home

Isobel gets gifts coz it's also her birthday

Suzanne gives a big glass cake dome

We host a small post-party party

Isobel lights her cake

Birthday cake sparklers