Day of the Dead Party at the Oaksmere, Brome, Suffolk - 2nd November 2019

The Oaksmere hosts a Day of the Dead-themed, er, day, of partying for Hallowe'en, kicking off with a children's party in the afternoon. You wouldn't know there were that many kids in the area or people who would get to know about it, but it's pretty popular and many of the guests have made some sort of dressing-up effort. There's music, a bar, barbeque and even some fire-based performers outside (when it stops raining at least). Before all of this, Nosher steps in to take a photo of local artist David Downes outside Brome Village Hall, for the Diss Express. David has contributed a picture of nearby Oakley church to be turned into Christmas cards which the hall can sell to raise funds.

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John P and David pose outside the village hall

Autumn leaves everywhere

Harry's a bit hesitant at first with all the people

Soph the Roph's zombie make up

Harry finally gets stuck in

Clive turns up as Gomez Addams

Nosher and Isobel

Harry blows bubbles

The bubble guy gets a huge bubble going

Isobel and the Corpse Brides

It's a popular event

Fred makes some sort of hat

Wednesday Addams

Andrew appears as Dracula

Fred models a thing he's made

Some of the costumes are a little weird

The Addams family

Andrew has a beer

Isobel adjusts her flowery hat

Harry's got stuck to some string

Disco lights and lasers

Harry's fright mask

Outside, the fire performers do their thing

There's a perimiter of small fires

A skeleton swings fire around

One of the performers gets a light

The three amigos

Trails of fire

Individual flames look frozen in time

Carl tries to get some fire pits going with a blowtorch

A comedy monkey goes around in a cage

More bubble messing

Sophie gets some flourescent painting done

Ultraviolet flourescence

The bubble solution is all over the floor

Back at the house, Isobel gets gifts coz it's her birthday too

Post-party party

Isobel lights her cake

Birthday cake sparklers

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John P and David pose outside the village hall