A Trip to the South Coast, Highcliffe, Dorset - 20th September 2019

We're away for the sixth weekend on the trot - this time to Uncle Neil's wedding in Bransgore. We're staying for a couple of nights at the nearby-ish Premier Inn in Highcliffe - one of our more regular hunts - and have a bit of time to walk down to the beach for a mess about looking for fossils in the clay slumps along the shore

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We stop off for a wee at the upgraded Fleet Services on the M3

Fleet Services, southbound, all new and modern

In the morning, walking back from breakfast

The boys roam around looking for fallen conkers

Fred scopes the car park for conkers

There's a sewing machine covered in buttons on Lymington Road

Isobel considers buying a hat or a 'fascinator' for the wedding

The 1970s garage that's like someone's house with cars in the lounge

Fred takes a photo of a Chinese lucky cat in a takeaway

Isobel browses a charity shop

A derelict bank has been cheered up with pictures of the beach in the windows

G&T's is now closed down

A curious round building, like the Arts Centre in Old Milton used to look like

Harry and Isobel stide down Waterford Road in Highcliffe

Fred sticks his arms out in the wind

Cliffhanger Café is 'to go'

Spiky seed heads on the cliff top

The bike racks at Chewton Bunny aren't getting a lot of use

Aiieeee! Times four

Harry tries to roll a boulder around the beach

Fred stands on the mud hills

On the beach

Fred stands on the remains of a concrete drain

Pipework from where there were once houses sticks out of the cliffs

Isobel and Fred look for fossils

Harry pokes a bit of rock

The boys build a dam out of sand

The dam breaks

Fred hurls a lump of rock into the sea

Harry has a close-up look at a grasshopper on Isobel's hand

The boys on the top of the cliff

The closed shelter is being re-opened in the middle of winter

The literal sign says it like it is

We stock on some sort of lunch snack in Tesco

Back outside the random clearance shop

Fred in the room

The boys are drawn to a charity tombola in the reception of the Premier Inn

Fred covets a packet of Doritos from the vending machine

Harry sticks some money into a collection tin

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We stop off for a wee at the upgraded Fleet Services on the M3