A Trip to Kenilworth Castle, Kenilworth, Warwickshire - 14th September 2019

We're in Stratford Upon Avon for the G-Unit's RAF reunion, and so after a boat trip on the river we head off up the road a bit to Kenilworth Castle - a place Nosher hasn't been to since around the end of 1989.

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The grand sandstone ruins of Kenilworth Castle

The original castle keep

The gang inspect a sign

Isobel and Harry roam around in front of the older keep

Plants grow on what would have been a window seat

The village of Kenilworth

Peering up one of the towers in the part built for Elizabeth I's visit


A pause for a break

A plane flies over the castle, as a pigeon sits on a wall

Fred inspects some awesome sanstone erosion

In the Italiante garden, there's a bear with a ragged stump

Isobel checks her phone

Harry in the garden

Atlas appears to be carrying a sea mine on his back

Isobel peers into an aviary

A small yellow bird in the garden aviary

Late summer flowers in the garden

The gang roam about

inside the former stables - now the museum/visitors' centre

Fred wanders about in the museum

Fred runs about some old building foundations

Fancy oak work in the stables

Isobel looks out over a stream

The boys want to cross via the stepping stones

Back in the hotel room, the boys do some more Lego

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The grand sandstone ruins of Kenilworth Castle