Marble Arch Caves, Florencecourt, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland - 20th August 2019

We drive back over the invisble border into Fermanagh to do something which is becoming something of a holiday tradition: visiting a cave, which this time is the Marble Arch Caves near Florencourt. At the end of the day, Haryana hosts a Brazillian barbeque

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We inspect a collection of rocks through geological epochs

Isobel roams around the car park

A view over the hills

Fred and the gang climb the hill into the Karst limestone landscape

Cows in the hills

Fern takes a photo on Camera B

Harry goes the awkward way round across a cattle grid

Butterflies on some buddleia

Inspecting a model of the caves

Some models of a modern and an old-timey spelunker hang from the ceiling

Crusty cave formations

Loads of tiny stalactites

Some nice green stuff

Pillow formations

Inside the caves

The underground river

Fred in the tunnel on the way back up

Fern and Isobel climb the steps back out of the pit

The kids run around in the café

Back at No. 2 in the W8 apartments

Haryana's got a good spread of meat, salad and fruit going on

Haryana brings the melon out

A toast to things

Da Wheeze with comedy specs on

Hanging around outside the house

Looking at the almost-derelict backs of shops on Main Street

The flowers sag in the rain

It's really lashing - definitely not barbeque weather

A symphony of angles

Mixed railings

The flats in the rain

Manorhamilton and the hills in the dusk

The kids run around after the rain

Fred and Baby Ra-ra

Fred plays guitar as Isobel looks on

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We inspect a collection of rocks through geological epochs