Chagford Lido and the Tom Cobley, Spreyton, Devon - 26th May 2019

After our trip to the Parke Estate, we meet up with Sis and Matt at the Chagford Lido, which is opening for the first day of the season. After that, it's round theirs for a barbeque. The next day, after we stop by the Spreyton Village Shop, we pick up Grandma J in Bovey and visit the town, in particular the Devon Guild Crafts Centre and the park. Finally, we head up to the legendary Tom Cobley Tavern in Spreyton, for some food and beer

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Harry at the Chagford Lido

The boys (front) swim around

Fred gets a hot chocolate

The busy Chagford Lido

We walk back to the car

Cars in a field

Isobel sits out in the evening sun

Matt's got the barbeque smoking

A Devon lane

The Providence Chapel, near Throwleigh

A cobbled path to the door

Matt roams around

Devon fields

Isobel brings the fizz out

Isobel and Fred in the Spreyton Village Shop

We carry our shop booty back to the car

Mother in the Bovey Tracey car park

Heading off up the path

The old Mill

Harry and Fred fling 'Daisy Boats' into the river

Fred walks past a mosaic

Mother is happy to be in a gallery/shop with lots of nice things

Mother/Grandma J roams around

Isobel, Harry and Grandma J

Walking up Fore Street

Fred tries out his new calligraphy pen and ink

Harry and Fred

Fred stares

Grandma J

Outside the Brookside Café

Harry flakes out on a roundabout

Fred chucks a stick into the river

The bridge over the river, and the old mill

Pretty bright orange flowers outside Mother's place

Matt stumps up the hill in Spreyton

Isobel and Sis

Fred plays chess

Sis and Matt look over

Isobel checks out the Cobley's 'Meat Dishes'

Sis and Isobel in conversation

Fred at the Cobley bar

Fred runs around like a lunatic

We drop some more of Mother's things off

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Harry at the Chagford Lido