A Short Day in Granada, Andalusia, Spain - 20th April 2019

Roaming a bit further afield, we head up to Granada for a poke about. When we get there, we discover that the centre of the city - where we're parked - is about to be sealed off thanks to an imminent Easter parade, and so we have to leave a bit earlier than planned. All of which means we actually end up spending more time eating in cafés than we do actually exploring and stuff, but "them's the breaks". Anyway, we do get to look around the cathedral and a bit of the city, which is especially memorable for its incredibly squeaky roads, which are so noisy that at first we think that the hire car has broken down in some really exotic way. However, everyone else's car is doing it everywhere too, so we eventually come to terms with it.

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Isobel hangs around by a Jamón Ibérico market stall

The Mercado San Agustín

Harry looks at his prawns and eggs suspiciously

A whole tonne of shellfish

Isobel under a painted mural

Graffitoed shutters

Some dudes rush past with big flower bushes in pots

On the streets of Granada

Near the cathedral there's a herbs'n'spices market stall

Nice lantern in a shop

Stickers all over some street furniture

Some kind of trough, fed by three water spouts

Grand apartment block by the cathedral, with painted window features

Some dude waits to get in

Angles look down from on high

The street by the cathedral

Ornate columns

Fred looks bored already, and it's only been five minutes

A very ornate church organ

A nice domed ceiling

Mediaeval music

Theboys look at the shop again, desperate to buy stuff

Under the orange trees

We roam the graffitoed lanes of Granada

Fun graffiti on a fruit-shop shutter

The Plaza de la Romanilla

Back on the lanes, looking up to the cathedral

The foothills of the Sierra Nevada

More mountains and empty roads

The gang waits in the tiny hire car whilst Nosher roams around taking photos

Back at the Terrazo La Parra on the Capistrano estate, the boys wander off

The boys are playing pool

Harry cues up

More pool action

We end up playing with an Irish family that Isobel gets talking to

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Isobel hangs around by a Jamón Ibérico market stall