Packed Trains and the Diss Express, London and Suffolk - 24th February 2019

It's a round-up of February miscellany: firstly, the ever-changing graffiti landscape along the railway tracks into Liverpool Street Station along with a packed ride home as the previous three or four trains were cancelled; then the Diss Express is down to photograph the Eye Library Code Club; the boys show off their bottom-of-the-garden den, and then go for a ride around the Oaksmere; and finally we have a good old burn up in the garden

next album: Innovation Week, Paddington, London - 27th February 2019
previous album: A Trip to Dunwich Heath, Dunwich, Suffolk - 17th February 2019

Graffiti acknowledging our secret lizard overlords

Colourful graffiti

A mystery pipe pops out of the wall and then disappears into the ground

The 16:00 train to Norwich is standing-room only

This refuge by the side of the tracks is not exactly accommodating

Hard to catch under-the-bridge graffiti near Stratford

A lizard eye watches the trains

A nice bit of fake dripping

The new Eye Library

Fred does Code Club as the Diss Express photographer roams around

More code club

Mark Bullimore organises an outdoor shot

Another old sign - for the National Provincial Bank - appears in Diss

Stephanie the Stick Insect

Isobel and the boys in Morrison's car park

The boys in one of their favourite spots - the EACH Charity shop in Diss

Fred flakes out

Harry inspects Boris - Stripey Cat

Fred cracks a coconut with a flint

The entrance to the boys' den

Harry and Fred in the garden

Entrance 'B' to the den

The boys roam around

Harry is camouflaged by leaves

The boys head off around the Oaksmere

Cycling around

The boys go around in circles

We have a big burn up

Some old Crittal windows in the smoke

An old bicycle seat pokes through the ivy

A hidden cicycle handle

The bonfire dies down

An old wheelbarrow is one with nature

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Graffiti acknowledging our secret lizard overlords