Short Hills, Summit, and the Way Home, New Jersey - 26th October 2018

It's the last day of half term in New Jersey, and because it's an afternoon flight back we don't have a lot of time to do much. So we head off to Short Hills Mall for a bit, before driving over to the town of Summit for another diner experience, this time in a restaurant in what resembles an old railroad coach. Finally, we get another psycho Uber to take us back to Newark Liberty airport, via a particularly hairy emergency stop somewhere across an exit. When we get to the airport - alive, luckily - we end up trading our flight, which was meant to involve a change at Washington Dulles, for a later direct flight with Premium Plus upgrade, all because they were looking for people to volunteer to have cabin bags checked in for free. This means a few extra hours hanging around, but it's worth it.

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The heron on the lake does its daily creep around

Fred works in his pumpkin from Chester, New Jersey

Fred and Harry do carving

Fred's pumpkin is impressively vomiting its own insides

Fred's other pumpkin is a cool skull shape

A deer runs through the garden

Fred's really enjoying a session of original classic 1980s game 'Simon'

Heading down the escalator into Short Hills Mall

Isobel strides past Macy's

Fred flings a coin into the fountain

The boys are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of Lego

A stack of numbers in hardwood

Harry and Fred hang around

Main Street, Summit

The Diner cook

Fred and Isobel, who's looking wistfully out of the window

Diner customers

More Main Street action in Summit

A blue fire hydrant

Harry's happy as he runs down the street

On the way out of Short Hills, we pass another modest pad

Springfield is everywhere

There's a bit of a sign overload

A bunch of United planes, with Manhattan in the distance

Hanging around in the terminal at Newark, after trading our flight

A United 777

The last of the US: Fred trundles his case along the airbridge to our plane

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The heron on the lake does its daily creep around