The Château Comtal, Lastours and the Journey Home, Carcassonne, Aude, France - 14th August 2018

Luckily we'd bought the combined "sounds and lights show with entry to Château Comtal" tickets a couple of days before, as the queue to get in otherwise was fairly epic. But, having skipped the queues to get in, we still get to join the other queues of people milling around the route around the castle-within-a-castle. Then, after a quick return to the house we set off for a trip around Lastours - a mediaeval village famous for its four Cathar castles all clustered together on a hill. Then it's the journey home, via the Casino hypermarché on the edge of Carcassonne to pick up a new carry-on case for Isobel, and a bunch of saucisson.

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We're back at the café Le St. Jean

Fred makes out his coke bottles are binoculars

Harry does the binocular thing

In the Lices of Carcassonne

There's a model of the Cité in the Château museum

A view over the city

Looking down on the path up to the Porte d'Aude

There's a massive queue for tickets, which we avoided by getting ours a few days before

A distant view of the Le St. Jean and one of the Roman towers

Vintage columns

Harry in a stone window

Fred is just like the statue

Nice mediaeval paintings

A big stone font

Fred on the ramparts

A nice alternate view of the concentric circles

A fancy hotel/restaurant within the walls

The big amphitheatre near the Eglise Saint Nazaire

It's amazing non-built-up right up to the castle walls

Harry and Isobel queue up for ice cream in the packed Toto Gelato

Fred eats his ice cream

Fred makes some sunglasses with his bendy pencil

There's an interesting dragonfly down on the river

Isobel holds Harry back form the river

The boys in the river: nature and the urban setting

Fred's got an interesting way of getting back into the house

Fred and Harry make a film and sell tickets for it - Alion Take Down

Isobel makes an omlette in the 1960s kitchen

Fred's room

Looking down on Isobel slurping a beer

Fred and Harry have a snail race - the bunch of parsley is meant to be an incentive

Doha the owner's dog comes back to visit

Isobel and Fred at Lastours

The attractive hilltop town of Lastours

Down at the old foundry/kiln thing

Derelict building next to the tourist information spot

The mayor's office

Time for lunch at bakery/café

Café life

The boys dig out some toys from the box

Walking back to the car

We drive up to Bellevue, where all four Cathar castles can be seen

Fred uses the telescope

Isobel and Harry have a go with the telescope

The four castles of Lastours - Cabaret, Tour Regine, Quertinheux and Surdespine

Walking the dusty tracks of Lastours

Back at the bakery, a pet mink appears

Down the the Casino hypermarché in Carcassonne, Isobel buys a new carry-on bag

Fred points at a load of fish and seafood

Isobel looks at Saucisson

A derelict café in the Casino hypermarket (there are a lot of empty shops in this white elephant)

The massive and half-empty Casino Géant

Back at Carcassonne's tiny airport

Fred and Harry play with Lego

Our plane - one of only about two flights a day - rocks up

Totally hi-tech sign pointing us the right way

The traditional boarding scrum of Ruinair

The plane looks out to the hills, eager to be in the air again

Harry is bored

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We're back at the café Le St. Jean