Abbaye Sainte-Marie de Lagrasse, Lagrasse, Languedoc, France - 9th August 2018

A couple of days in and we decide it's time to go a bit further out, following up on a suggestion from the house owner to visit the mediaeval Abbey town of Lagrasse, some 40km away. But before that, there's time for a wander around the markets in Carcassonne

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Someone has inconsiderately parked their washing machine

The boys play in a fountain

Isobel's got something stuck in her sock

The markets of Carcassonne, in Place Carnot

A fancy fountain in Place Carnot

More fruit stalls, and the ever-present pharmacie

Fred's in heaven with his ice cream

Harry stands in the Place Carnot

It rains for a bit, so the boys run around in it again

Isobel smiles to herself at the Maison Bor

Harry stares at nougat

Another old shop-sign relic, for Gazaniol

Nice City of Carcassonne cast-iron-work

The gang inspects some sculptures in an exhibition

More markets in Les Halles Prosper Montagné

Isobel buys some stuff in a boulangerie

Fred and Harry mess around in a fish shop

The Théâtre Jean Alery

The town of Lagrasse

How French could it get: a 2CV trundles past

The Community School of Lagrasse

A couple of French snails slide around

Harry and Isobel on the main street in Lagrasse

Quaintly-decaying shop sign

Back alleys of Lagrasse

The old market square

The gang walk the cobbled streets of Lagrasse

A view over the river

Harry spots a secret door into the mountain with God on it

There's some sort of political/radical book sale going on

Up in the former monks' dormitory

Harry looks at some stones

This boat scultpure is actually part of the same sequence as the circles of Carcassonne

Stone columns

An inconvenient public convenience

The Abbaye of Lagrasse

Walking down some steep cobbled streets

A French cat gives us the hairy eyeball as we pass by

Inside the Eglise Saint Michel

There's a very yappy small dog outside the Eglise

More colourful narrow streets

At a café, Fred is disappointed that his ice cream doesn't measure up to the advert for it

An African dude is spectacularly-blue robes sells jewellry

It's good to see that France still has hole-in-the-floor bogs

Hanging around outside an Epicerie

We head back to the car

Back at the house, we play cards for a bit

The Cité of Carcassonne is lit up at night and we can see a bit of it from the balcony of the house

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Someone has inconsiderately parked their washing machine