SwiftKey, Da Gorls and a Debenham Bike Ride, London and Suffolk - 12th June 2018

Nosher's work, Microsoft, has a cake-based celebration down at the office in Paddington. Meanwhile, Da Gorls are over from Dublin for a couple of days, and then there's a bike ride out to The Woolpack at Debenham

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The optimistically-named Lord Nomad tag from Deams

Bribe, from Voz

Not especially creative tagging, but amusing with the word 'arse' sprayed all over the walls near Commercial Road

SwiftKey's 100-million cake

The SwiftKey massive mingle and eat Pret sandwiches

Head of the new AI team, Alex Kipman, cuts the cake

The high cost of London rents is explained as residential agents Henry&James run around Hyde Park corner with coach and horses

There's another garden party down at Buckingham Palace, as guests walk up the Mall

Isobel, Louise, Evelyn and Fred in the garden

Fred legs it

Cat joins in with pizza

Gaz, The Boy Phil and Paulio peer into the window of Webster's newsagent in Debenham

Gaz has got a sweaty back on

Suey and Gaz in the tiny beer garden of the Woolpack

Debenham church

Phil and Paul

Phil and Paul wander up the street in Debenham

The vintage moped massive head off after a beer

Mopeds roar off up the road

Isobel waters the plants in the garden

Fred's a little cold after a run down the water slide

Fred and Harry mess around with bubble snakes

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The optimistically-named Lord Nomad tag from Deams