An Afternoon Round Gaz and Sandie's, Eye, Suffolk - 14th April 2018

Gaz and Sandie host a thrash around their place in Eye, complete with food, beer, garden Jenga and some strange activity involving After Eight mints

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Eileen, Silvia and Gaz

Alan and Ray

Fred finds a big stick

Fred and Harry make their pizzas

Gaz takes a photo

Harry stands on a seat

Gaz gets out the garden Jenga

Fred and Harry play

There's some intense Jenga action

Gaz loses it

Marc 'helps' Fred do a hand-stand

The boys start building a Jenga construction

Sandie looks surprised

The garden massive

Nice blue and yellow contrast

Gaz gets serious lighting the Chimineria

We retire to the lounge

Gaz sticks and After Eight to his head

The After Eight slips down Gaz's face and into his mouth, to be eaten

Jessica and Fred play that game with the post-it notes stuck to their foreheads

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Eileen, Silvia and Gaz