A Visit from Brussels, Suffolk - 8th April 2018

Isobel's friend Jules is over from Brussels, along with her three boys, for a few days' stay. The weather's a bit bit rubbish, but we still get a day in the rain for a walk around Eye, and then there's dinner over at the Thorndon Black Horse pub.

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As we walk from the car park we bump into Colin and Jill

Colin waves around some flowers

A rainy Church Street

Elliot, Fred and Harry in the churchyard

Kai waits under an umbrella

The boys run around

Walking up to the top of Bigod's castle in Eye

Harry peers over the parapet

Kai's on the phone, in the rain

The view over the church and school

Milling around the folly

Broad Street and Church Street, Eye

A game session breaks out

Some intense Cluedo occurs

Menus are consulted in the Black Horse

Fred hurls a paper aeroplane around

Harry's proud of his Duplo tower

Harry does his thing

Fred makes another paper aeroplane

Derelict buildings behind the Black Horse

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As we walk from the car park we bump into Colin and Jill