Bike Rides and Commonwealth Chaos, Gissing, Occold and London - 6th April 2018

There are bike rides to the Gissing Crown and the Beaconsfield Arms in Occold, plus it's the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in London, so everything's hosed

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Harry tries shoes on in Mountain Warehouse

A million Morisson's shopping trolleys

An ancient Class 57 loco, on its way to Norwich, hauls a broken-down DVT through Diss station

Wavy lines up at the dartboard

Marc and Sue at the bar of the Occold Beaky

The Boy Phil interacts with a big dog

Bill roams around

T8C graffiti in London

A 1970s Kojak fan tags Network Rail's sign with 'Who loves ya baby!'

One Lombard Street has a nice garland of flowers around its door

A convoy of Commonwealth leaders is escorted up the Mall

There are lots of gangs of motorbike rozzers driving around - this bunch are near Blackfriar's Underpass

The Sheldon Square pit in Paddington is heaving on the first nice day of the year

Office buildings at work in Paddington

The tulips are out at the top of the Mall, opposite Buckingham Palace

The original Charing Cross, somewhat overwhelmed outside the station

The Boy Phil looks a bit glum at the Gissing Crown

The Gissing Crown bar has a passing resemblance to the old Swan bar

The Gissing Crown bogs are tiled with those legendary 1970s tiles Nosher remembers

Sid Butler chats to Marticle

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Harry tries shoes on in Mountain Warehouse